King's Valley preschool

King's Valley Preschool offers the very best in care and early childhood education to children ages 2 and up. Both full-time and part-time care are available on either a 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day per week basis year-round. 

We think that the best way to learn more about our preschool is to tour our facility during the day, so that you can see for yourself the loving environment that our preschool director and her staff have diligently worked to create. 

Our program is state licensed, and we are proud to currently serve more than eighty children! Complete the form below or call our office at (925) 687-2020 to schedule a tour today!



Procedure for New Student Enrollment

Step 1 - Tour - come visit our campus!


Step 3 - Once you have applied, we will reach out to set up a meeting with you to finalize enrollment.

Preschool staff

King's Valley Preschool offers a loving environment that partners with families to provide a nurturing Christian community. Our preschool staff is caring, qualified, and dedicated to meeting your child's developmental needs. Our learning activities are designed to help students to grow spiritually, socially, physically, and mentally. The King's Valley program is child-centered and encourages children to foster a love for each other and the Lord.  Our teacher's commitment is to ensure that  every child feels welcome and valued. We look forward to serving your family!

  • Joanna Alamillo-Chavez

    Joanna has been working with children since she was 15 and comes from a large family.  She is currently in school studying children's psychology.  Witnessing the progress and achievements of children she works with is incredibly rewarding. 

  • Cathy Canesa

    Cathy joined the staff at King's Valley Preschool in 2014 and has been working with children for over 17 years. She has 12 Early Childhood Education units. She enjoys watching children grow and seeing them smile. Cathy loves her job and the idea that she gets to help shape Jesus' children. 

  • Janet Cordova-Becerra

    Janet that every student has the potential to shine and is dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging classroom where they can thrive. She has been working with kids since 2018. She grew up attending church with her family and is a part of the worship team. 

  • Hillie Giron

    Hillie has over 18 years of experience with children.  She has experience as a preschool teacher, her own home daycare, and she teaches Sundays at LifeChurch.  She loves being a part of children's upbringing. 

  • Emma Gonzales

    Emma has been teaching preschool at King's Valley since 2022, contributing her expertise in early childhood education to the team. With a focus on creating a supportive learning environment, she ensures that each child feels included and valued.

  • Sara Hildreth

    Sara joined the King's Valley Preschool in 2020. She has 22 units in Early Childhood Education and has been teaching preschool since 2013.  Sara is passionate about Early Childhood Education and she loves seeing her students grow and learn each day. She is inspired to teach her students about the Lord and to prepare them for a successful academic career. 

  • Nina Paige

    Nina has been working with preschoolers for almost two decades.  She loves the ability to help mold preschoolers and watching them grow into special people!  She finds their personalities adorable and looks forward to teaching children every day. 

  • Meenu Singh

    Meenu has been working with preschool students for over 15 years and has 40 early childhood development units.  She loves working with little children and seeing them learn new things every day.  Her favorite time of the day is circle and craft time where she can work with the children doing hands-on activities.  She believes that all children should learn about Jesus and have God be an important part of their lives. 

  • Carrie Steele

    Carrie became a part of the King's Valley family in 2022, bringing with her a vibrant passion for teaching preschool students about the Bible and the love of God. With a heart dedicated to nurturing young minds, she infuses her lessons with creativity, warmth, and kindness.

  • Magda Tawadros

    Magda brought her bright, fun, and bubbly personality to the King's Valley preschool staff in 2023, instantly lighting up the classroom with her infectious energy. With a zest for life and a genuine love for working with children, Magda quickly became a beloved member of the team. Her enthusiasm for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences knows no bounds, and she effortlessly cultivates a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported.

  • Alana Wilson-Reid

    Alana has been teaching since 2021. She encourages preschool children to develop social, emotional, and academic skills. Her classroom is full of learning, laughter and most of all fun! 

Junior kindergarten

Our two Junior Kindergarten classes are designed for children 4 and 5 years of age who are entering Kindergarten the following school year. In our Jr. K classes we focus on social development, manners, and following routines and rules, while still providing a fun and educational experience.  

Using a strategically planned curriculum, our teachers work alongside students in many ways including Bible, art, science, reading, circle time, math, and small groups to ensure that your child will get the best preschool experience possible.


By the time students enter Kindergarten, they will not only have a great foundation with their academics, but be able to function socially and respectfully with their classmates and teachers.

3-Year Old Program

This class is designed for children who are 3 to 4.5 years old. The goal in this classroom is to create a developmentally appropriate environment for each individual child. Your child will grow in self-help, academics, motor skills and most importantly students will learn a love of Jesus through songs, stories and prayers. 

This class will prepare your child academically and socially for our Junior Kindergarten program by using a structured curriculum as well as a variety of hands-on activities.

2-Year old program

Our 2-Year Old Program is designed for children who are 2-years old or are a young 3-years old who are not potty-trained or in the process of being potty-trained. In the classroom, these students will learn with hands-on experiences and play. Your child will be involved in dramatic play, music, circle/story time and small group time to encourage hands-on learning. Your child will also be learning to follow routines and directions. Students will learn self-help skills and independence through socializing with peers and teachers, all while learning how to thrive in a classroom setting.

As a Christian preschool, your child will be taught the love of Jesus through Bible stories, songs and prayers. Your child will develop in a loving, kind, safe and secure environment where students feel loved and cared for.