We at King's Valley Christian School strive to be a diverse community of scholars dedicated to the ideals of Biblical integrity and accountability while challenging one another to grow academically and spiritually, discover and cultivate our talents, and serve our community.


Academics x Faith x Discovery

Our mission statement addresses the three dimensions of a distinctly Christian education: academics, faith, and discovery. The "x" symbol between each word is read as "by", like purchasing a 2x4 at a lumber yard. This is because the three elements are intertwined and magnify each other. A cube's capacity is dictated by its dimensions, it ceases to be a cube if any element (length, width, or depth) is lacking or absent. Our mission is to make certain that the education we provide is impactful.

Philosophy of christian education

As a ministry of Life Church, the purpose of King's Valley Christian School is to assist parents in meeting their God-given responsibilities of training and educating their children. Each student is confirmed as a unique creation of God with distinct character and gifts, and each student is deserving of equal attention and care in his or her development.

The philosophy of instruction at King's Valley is affirmed in the following: 

1. King's Valley believes Jesus is the Creator & Sustainer of life.

First and foremost, King's Valley Christian School is a Christian institution committed to sharing the Good News of salvation through Jesus.  As a ministry of Life Church, we uphold the scriptures as the infallible Word of God and accept that all Truth comes from Jesus. Collectively, we provide the tools needed for students to develop an awareness and application of the principles and values Jesus taught that will result in spiritual growth necessary to prepare them for a life of faith-filled service. We believe that a Biblical worldview is integral to all academic study and that morality and integrity as defined by Jesus should govern our attitudes toward each other.

2. King's Valley stands for academic excellence.  

We provide opportunities for our students to extend their abilities to reason and think in creative ways to apply what they know to the world around them, and to work together for common goals. As the world changes more and more rapidly, versatile academic skills like critical thinking and creative problem solving become increasingly important and are recognized in our curriculum. We endeavor to prepare each student to attend the high school of his or her choice. Our goal is to provide an excellent foundation for each child’s future, in high school, college, and beyond.

3. King's Valley helps students discover their talents. 

We believe that each student is individually gifted by God to do great things. Core academics do not encompass the vast spectrum of abilities that students possess. Art, drama, foreign language study, music, and sports provide opportunities for students to discover their talents and begin to develop them. We want every athlete to run, every musician and every actor to perform, and every writer and artist to create. We want each mathematician, historian, and scientist to have opportunities to grow beyond the limits of the normal curriculum and truly excel. King's Valley Christian School works to develop the abilities of each of its students to their full potential.   

4. King's Valley believes technology is important for today and tomorrow.           

We look toward the future to anticipate the changes that will affect our students, and we work to prepare them for new challenges as they arise. Technology is changing rapidly and students must learn to apply new technology in the classroom in order to be prepared for the workforce. We want to be forward-thinking scholars who are prepared for the best things in tomorrow.

5. King's Valley serves its community.            

We believe that one of the basic tenets of Christianity is to help others. We seek out places to help: down the street, across the border, and around the world. The help we send may be spiritual, physical, or educational, but our goal is to involve our students in the process of cheerful giving while receiving nothing in return. Our students should come to appreciate the blessings of God in their own life and in the lives of others, seeing how God uses his children in one place to help those in need.

6. King's Valley recognizes and welcomes its diversity.            

We highly value cultural and ethnic diversity, recognizing and respecting the individuality and dignity of all members of the school community. The variety within the King's Valley community strengthens our ties to one another and broadens our perspective. This diversity places a responsibility on the school community to encourage respect for people because we are created in God’s image.

7. King's Valley believes in a positive attitude.

We believe that God’s grace and mercy are so great that the only reasonable response is a great attitude and positive outlook from day-to-day. All members of our community commit to being cooperative, edifying, and optimistic. Positive relationships between the members of the community--students, staff, and parents--are valued and encouraged.

Student outcomes

These are the qualities and abilities that we work to build in each of our students:

Outcome #1: Students Who Are Growing Spiritually

Students will develop a Biblical worldview by:

  1. Demonstrating knowledge of the basic tenets of Christianity
  2. Committing key passages of the Bible to memory
  3. Being able to articulate the Gospel and explain what it means to be a Christian
  4. Learning to apply scriptural principles to their lives.

Outcome #2: Students Who Are Excelling Academically

Students will demonstrate excellent scholarship and develop the tools to become lifelong learners by:

  1. Performing at or above grade level in each core subject area
  2. Becoming effective in oral and written communications
  3. Completing assigned tasks on time
  4. Reading and responding to a wide variety of texts

Outcome #3: Students Who Are Responsible Members of the Community

Students will demonstrate integrity and responsibility as citizens by:

  1. Honoring and respecting authority
  2. Engaging and meeting the needs of their community
  3. Accepting and encouraging their peers while promoting a bully-free culture

Outcome #4: Students Who Use Technology Appropriately & Effectively

Students will demonstrate technological literacy and proficiency by:

  1. Learning to type correctly
  2. Learning to effectively research topics using technology
  3. Learning to use a variety of software and computer applications
  4. Incorporating the use of technology in diverse subject areas
  5. Demonstrating integrity and responsible use of technology

Outcome #5: Students Who Develop in Their Talents

Students will discover & develop the talents and individual gifts God has given them by:

  1. Gaining an appreciation and understanding of performing arts, fine arts, athletics, and foreign language study
  2. Developing knowledge in each discipline through the application of a variety of theories, methods, and techniques
  3. Building the confidence necessary to perform in front of an audience, in a competition, or in the community


King's Valley is accredited by two organizations: the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Both organizations aide in the development and monitoring of the school's Continuous School Improvement Plan and help ensure that King's Valley meets its stated goals while maintaining certified faculty.