Automatic Re-enrollment

Each year the King’s Valley staff must make plans for the upcoming year. They need solid information on the upcoming year's student body to plan for staffing, materials, programs, curriculum, and facilities.

King’s Valley uses Automatic Re-enrollment just like colleges and most other private christian schools because the overwhelming majority of our students return each year! Enroll once and you're enrolled until your children graduate or until you let us know differently. No more re-enrolling and filling out paperwork every year. Do it once and you're done. It's that simple!

We will communicate to all parents each year in January reminding parents of the notification date to discontinue enrollment. Since most students continue enrollment, the majority of our parents can ignore the email and do nothing!

Frequently asked Questions

What is Automatic Re-enrollment?

Automatic Re-enrollment is a common-sense approach to enrollment which is followed by almost all colleges and is being adopted by many private schools nation-wide.


Rather than an opt-IN annual re-enrollment process, Automatic Re-enrollment becomes an opt-OUT process.  In other words, if your student(s) are returning to King’s Valley Christian School after initially enrolling, you will never have to worry about re-enrolling.

Why Automatic Re-enrollment instead of re-enrollment?

Almost all of our students return each year, it simplifies the process for everyone.

How does this benefit parents?

This benefits parents in two ways.  First, simplicity.  No extra paperwork, no missed emails, correspondence or waiting in line.  Second, it guarantees placement for your child in the upcoming year. With increasing enrollment, often King’s Valley has waiting lists in certain grades. By using Automatic Re-enrollment your student has a seat until graduation.

How do families financially commit to returning each year?

Automatic Re-enrollment depends upon designating the re-enrollment fee as a down payment for the next school year.  The re-enrollment fee will be automatically billed in two installments due February 15th and April 15th so as not to add any extra burden to returning families.


How do new families become a part of Automatic Re-enrollment?

As part of the enrollment process, new families sign a commitment form which includes the following points:

  • I hereby opt-in to continuous enrollment. This means that my children enrolled at King's Valley will keep returning to King's Valley every year unless I complete the Notice of Intent to Discontinue form online.

  • I understand that I have until March 31st every year to notify the King's Valley Registrar of any changes in my plans of enrollment for my children.

  • I understand that the Automatic Re-enrollment fee will be drawn from my FACTS account in February and April each year.

  • If I withdraw my children after March 31st, I understand that my re-enrollment fee is non-refundable.

  • King’s Valley recognizes that family plans change. For families discontinuing after the announced deadline of March 31st, eligibility to a refund of the re-enrollment fee is contingent upon satisfaction and verification of any one of the following conditions:

    • Relocating from the area (30 miles away) served by King's Valley

    • Educational needs for a student can no longer be met at King's Valley

    • Dismissal at the request of King's Valley

    • Circumstances as approved by the King's Valley Finance Committee

What if our circumstances change after the notification date of March 31st?

The most common reason for people to not continue enrollment is due to the family moving out of the area.  Simply contact us via email of the change and our registrar will walk you through the process.

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