Saddle up for a day of family fun and philanthropy at the King's Valley Christian School "Barnyard Bolt" Walk-a-Thon! Together, we'll be hoofing it towards campus improvements that will benefit every student and enrich our school community.  Every step we take will pave the way for exciting campus improvements, from enhancing the preschool playgrounds to revamping the blacktop bathrooms and providing new carpeting for the chapel and middle school classrooms. Grab your overalls and mark your calendars for April 12th!

8:50-9:20 Kindergarten

9:20-9:55 6th Grade

9:55-10:25 3rd Grade

10:30-11:00 1st Grade

11:00-11:20 Preschool and Junior Kindergarten

11:20-11:50 2nd Grade

12:30-1:00 4th Grade

1:00-1:30 5th Grade

1:35-2:10 7th Grade

2:20-2:55 8th Grade